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Adult Glasses Face Shield (Pack of 10)

Adult Glasses Face Shield (Pack of 10)



Full Coverage: Protects entire face from splatters of liquid. Impact resistant.

Unique Coating: Anti-fog and anti-static coating on PET material

Sunglasses Attached: The protective shield is attached to adjustable sunglasses.

Temperature Resistance: High temperature and shock resistance.

Easily Adjustable: Easily adjustable angles, comfortable sun glass frames

Material: Coated PET
Size: 29*22 cm/11.42*8.66 inches
Color: Clear

Package Content:
1 * Face Shield 

Shipping Info:

USPS PRIORITY: 3-4 Business Days 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the turnaround time for all logistics services has been impacted. The fastest shipping option we were able to locate is USPS Priority Mail, which delivers to anywhere within Canada and the US (continental 48 states) in 3-4 business days. This will be the only shipping option we offer during this turbulent time for its stability and efficiency.